In Maintenance

Your switchboard is the nerve center of your electrical system. It is critical to managing the safe distribution of electricity throughout your building and must be kept in good working order.

Faults, such as flickering lights or fuses tripping, can be indications of larger switchboard issues. If you believe that your switchboard might need replacing, here are three things to look out for.

  1. A burning smell around the switchboard

This is a sure sign that urgent intervention is needed. A burning smell around your switchboard can indicate issues with insulation, fuses, and cabling. In short, you will want an experienced electrician to take a look.

Typically, they will examine the switchboard for overt signs of damage, before looking into further issues that might warrant a replacement switchboard.

  1. New equipment/additional loads

You might be expanding your business or bringing new equipment online. This may mean your existing switchboard is no longer fit for purpose. It may seem safe to ignore but if your switchboard dies because of the additional load requirements, it could damage new equipment as well.

Before installing new equipment, ensure a licensed electrician examines your existing switchboard and certifies that it will be fit for purpose.

  1. The age of your switchboard

If you have an ageing switchboard, replacement should be a high priority. Not only do ageing switchboards pose a safety risk, they can also cause damage to equipment and property.

Electricity degrades the quality of insulation and material over time. This entropy effect can be combated with regular maintenance but, eventually, you will need to consider a switchboard replacement.

How can RANS Electrical help?

We have licensed Electricians who can offer expert advice. They can inspect your switchboard and detail whether it will need replacement or not. Our Electricians are held to exacting professional and ethical standards, you can rely on them to tell you what will be best for your business.

Contact RANS Electrical today on 1300 567 267 for an obligation free conversation about your switchboard.