Project: Earthing and Earth Grid Testing

Earth Injection Testing – This testing is required before any substations can be used. It is a requirement because of the high hazard electricity can pose to people and equipment. Earth Injection Testing is a test of the earthing system and conducted to measure the risk of Earth Potential Rise (EPR) where a large current flows to earth through an earth grid impedance.

Renewable Futures wanted to bring their new substations online. Before they could do so, they were required to prove their earthing system. RANS Electrical provided Earth Injection Testing to measure step/touch voltages and EPR voltages to verify the HV Earthing Study.

RANS Electrical conducted injection tests at three separate sites, as the three were a large distance apart. Earth Potential Rise tests were performed individually at each site as well as step/touch voltage testing and then compared, so that Renewable Futures would have peace of mind that their new substations were safe.

RANS Electrical were happy to confirm that the earthing system installed met the criteria of the HV Earthing study and gave Renewable Futures a pass on every test conducted. Renewable Futures could therefore have the power to their substations turned on.