High Voltage Services

Thermographic Imaging

Infrared Thermography, for the use of condition monitoring, measures the radiant heat pattern emitted from a body, such as building structures or plant & equipment. RANS High Voltage Electricians use a technique that determines the regions or points of increased or reduced heat emissions, which indicates the presence of a fault.

What we offer:

  • Identify potential equipment/component failure or irregularities in loading
  • Prevent fire/explosion
  • Check component integrity
  • Determine loading condition of equipment
  • Visual inspection of each switchboard will help determine its condition: ie broken door hinges, excessive heat, build-up of dust/dirt, vermin proof, unsafe condition or discolouration of components, condition of legend, clear local access area, etc.

How does an infrared inspection work?

Infrared is a wave of light humans can’t see; it is a form of natural radiation that all objects emit. Infrared cameras use this attribute to detect areas of unusual temperature in people, animals, homes, equipment, buildings, electrical components, etc.

Why use RANS Electrical for your Thermographic Imaging:

  • To identify loss producing conditions and help minimize unplanned outages
  • Allow for controlled scheduling of repairs around production schedules
  • Reduce downtime, which can cause an unwanted interruption to your business
  • Improve the useful life of mechanical and electrical equipment and maximize your existing maintenance program

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