High Voltage Services

Tan Delta Testing (TD)

As part of our High Voltage Services, RANS Electrical can cater to all your Tan Delta testing needs starting from the Installation, Commissioning and complete with continuing annual Maintenance testing. Below are some of the testing that RANS Electrical professionals can provide:

  • Cables testing up to 132kV
  • Transformers all voltages

What is Tan Delta Testing?

Tan Delta testing is a non-destructive diagnostic test performed on cables. Tan Delta testing measures the condition, or level of deterioration, of a cable systems insulations. Tan Delta testing, when performed by RANS Electrical technicians, can give you an idea of whether your cable systems insulation needs replacing.

Why should I use Tan Delta Testing?

If the insulation on your cable is degraded, it will impact performance. If degraded insulation is left untreated or undiscovered, it can lead to damage and costly replacement. Tan Delta testing gives you the opportunity to test the cables and identify areas that might need repair or replacement. It is reliable, easy to perform and economical.

RANS Electrical can perform Tan Delta testing on your cable systems. Our team will then run comparative analysis to predict the relative life expectancy and develop a cable replacement plan. With this plan in place, we can prioritise rejuvenation/injection for badly affected cables or run further tests to identify other issues.

Don’t wait for your cabling to fail. Save money and time by organising Tan Delta testing with RANS Electrical.

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