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A cable fault can cost you money. Don’t take the risk and wait, call RANS Electrical today on 1300 567 267.

What is Cable Fault Location?

Underground cables can run for kilometres in length and are, for safety reasons, difficult to easily access. If a fault begins to develop somewhere along the cable it can affect the entire length.

This is where cable fault location comes into play. With specialised equipment and techniques, we can analyse underground cables and pinpoint where the actual point of failure is. This makes it a lot easier to dig down and repair a specific point, rather than excavating an entire cable.

Why is it important?

When a cable begins to fail, time is critical. The longer a cable fault is left unfixed, the more chance it has to develop into something significantly harder, and expensive, to repair. In some cases, if the fault is left unchecked, the entire cable may need replacing.

Cable fault location is important because we can pinpoint the area where the fault originated. This makes it easier, and faster, to repair the specific problem so that your cable can remain in service.

Safety is also a big concern. When a cable begins to develop a fault, it can make a work site unsafe. Cable fault location can quickly locate and correct the fault, making the site safe for your staff.

Finally, cable fault location will save you money. Replacing an underground cable is an expensive project. Rather, using cable fault location, you can have the fault repaired and keep your existing cabling in place and in good working condition.

How can RANS Electrical help?

RANS Electrical are the cable fault location experts. We understand how time critical cable fault location can be, which is why our clients know we can mobilise within 2 hours to assist with their cable faults.

We employ and train the expertise needed to use the technology and techniques that cable fault location requires. Our technicians know how business critical the job is, and will work with you to minimise downtime and interruption.

If you suspect that your cabling has developed a fault, don’t take the risk and wait. Call RANS Electrical today on 1300 567 267 and get the benefit of our cable fault location expertise.