About Us

“RANS Electrical is Australian owned and operated and is committed to providing its customers with turnkey solutions for all of their electrical contracting needs.”

RANS (Robert And Nancy Sevior) Electrical has been a family owned and operated private company since its commencement of operations in 1956 as R&B Electrical. In the 70’s it changed to R&N Sevior Electrical Contractors and in the late 90’s it adopted its current trading name RANS Electrical. Robert, the son of Robert & Nancy Sevior, and his wife Angela continue to proudly own and operate the business and uphold the values, culture and work ethic that was established by Robert’s parents many years before. Safety is a recognized cornerstone of the business with zero tolerance applied. During the last 60 years the company has continually evolved and considerably expanded into a multi-skilled organisation that is highly regarded in the industry today as the premier provider of both High Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical Contracting services.

RANS Electrical is capable of handling the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and preventative maintenance of a wide range of High(HV) and Low Voltage(LV) projects, which sets it apart from their competitors. With the flexibility afforded by being privately owned, RANS Electrical offers alternative methods of achieving project outcomes that saves both time and costs to the project. Rans Electrical offer various project delivery models beyond the standard forms of subcontracting i.e. Target Cost, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Alliance and Joint Venture Partnerships to name a few. Our assurance to our customers is that we deliver against our commitments and the agreement entered into will greatly benefit the Project.

Our customers come from all sectors including road construction, tunneling, water / waste water, oil & gas, aluminium, steel, brewing, timber, government, wool, textile, automotive, food, paper, dairy, petrochemical, and general manufacturing.